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Rainbow Six Siege No Ban Guide


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Hardware Spoofer
To prevent hardware bans in Rainbow Six Siege, we recommend using one of our Hardware Spoofers, which can be purchased through our store or https://chlorine.mysellix.io/

Full list you should read:
Keep your K/D ratio under control, especially if you're still leveling up. If you're below level 75 or in Gold rank, try to keep your K/D below 1.3. If you're more experienced or in higher ranks like Emerald, aim for a K/D below 1.65.

Don't ruin your win/loss ratio by going too hard. Keep it under 45% to avoid suspicion.

Be subtle with your movements. Don't just peek around corners, scan the entire area first and slowly bring your crosshair to the enemy. If you're sure you've got a clear shot, go for 

Don't freak out if someone accuses you. Keep your cool and just play your game. If they call you out, come up with a believable excuse or deny (ignore) it altogether.

Keep your eyes peeled and act like you're always on the lookout for enemies. Even if there's no one around, aim at corners and check for movement.

Ignore the haters. If someone is calling you out, it's probably just because they're salty. Don't make yourself look suspicious by trying to defend yourself.

Keep your chat limited to your team. It's easier to avoid getting called out if you're not chatting with the other team.

Play with friends who have your back.

Don't get too greedy with your kills. If you're consistently getting high kill counts every game, it's more likely that R6S will suspect you.

Don't rage or taunt your opponents. It can make you seem suspicious if you're bragging about your kills or getting angry in chat.

Be aware of your surroundings and act like a regular player. Avoid making unusual movements or actions that could make you stand out.

Don't use it on your main account and use a Hardware Virtualizer. Create a separate account, so that your main account doesn't get banned.

Use this while closeting to learn maps & callouts:

Call out tutorial: 

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