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Apex Legends No Ban Guide


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Hardware Spoofer
To prevent hardware bans in Apex Legends, we recommend using one of our Hardware Spoofers, which can be purchased through https://chlorine.mysellix.io/

Having a VPN is almost essential. In Apex Legends, avoiding IP bans is particularly important. At Chlorine, we strongly suggest using ProtonVPN, which is free, or MysteriumVPN, which is a paid option. These VPNs use decentralized servers with high security, and you can select from a wide range of residential IP addresses, as individuals set up their machines as nodes for the VPN server.

VPN Links

Apex Account
While you could use a freshly made account, we caution against this, as the system can quickly detect you, especially on lower level accounts.
For the best results, we suggest using a used Apex Legends account that's above level 30+. If you don't have one, we can sell you one for $12-$15 (which will be level 50+)

Check HWID Ban
If you're worried about being hardware banned, you can create a new account and play for an hour to see if you're in the clear, you may have trace files on your PC, so using one of our Hardware Virtualizer is recommended to clean these files. Make sure to follow our recommended smooth settings and playstyle to avoid getting banned.

Instaban on Fresh Account
you might have trace files on your pc, meaning you'll need one of our HWID Spoofer to clean files.
Did you use a HWID Spoofer & Cleaned files?
Did you miss shots & used the recommended smooth we told you to use?

Smooth Settings
Apex Cola: 15-25+ (**never use pSilent**)
Apex Chlorine: 18-20+ (anything below 13-15 will result in a ban)
Low-level account smooth: 20-30+

Absolutely don't lower smooth when you are in a 3v1 and you tryna clutch, I personally used to do that and I got banned afterwards.
Don't go for insane kills, and don't get 10+ kills every single match, KD & too many kills counts here too, so does ingame reports.
Hitting too many shots, especially on high ranges, with low level acc will get you banned very quick.
Smoothness will avoid hitting shots as long as it is set high enough therefore less chance on getting banned.
Die in fights you simply can't win without looking sus.

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