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    Its a desent spoofer and pretty easy to use when you have a brain and common sense +rep dukedumont/ sync and +rep smokindeadoppzz
    fast purchase process. Easy setup, does what it says and works great.
    overall 10/10. the wallhacks are very good aswell as the ones for items/gadgets/misc especially as youre able to change the size of them to not block too much of the screen. ive used this on my main account and have not been banned as i havent made it very blatant but it is still very good and does make the game that much easier. i would recommend this to all who would like that small advantage without going obvious with aimbot:)
    +rep r6s-chlorine rlly good layout n runs smooth no problems no stuttering or anything, only thing i would change is being able to minimize r6 n it still be running but thats preference besides that everything else is perfect, also very cheap for what it is.
    Best apex cheats you'll ever find. Insane aimbot, wallhacks and helps you win any gunfight. Must buy if you want to win games consistently and shred any team you go against.
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